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Gays on Tour__Tips & Information

You are looking for inspiration to plan your next trip or discover new destinations? You are interested in special offers, community based tour operators and more about Gay Travel? Then check this site with its gay(friendly) travel features - whether Gran Canaria classic or exotic diving on Bali, whether for Pride Week to Berlin or Queer Tango Festival to Buenos Aires, whether outdoor action or chilling on the beach, whether travels for singles and couples or with a group.
Wherever you are travelling, GAYSONTOUR wishes you wonderful gay holidays!

Get regularly informed about travel tips and special offers, the latest gay and lesbian travel news or major events at the Gay Hot Spots around the world with our free NEWSLETTER - go for [Registration].

Israel is a fascinating country in many ways - as centre of three world religions, melting pot of different cultures and nationalities and last but not least the most modern and liberal country in the Middle East. Gay and lesbian tourists benefit from it, especially on trips to Tel Aviv, the metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea with its vibrant gay scene that can definitely match with the flair of European gay hot spots such as Barcelona or Ibiza. The annual Gay Pride in June is of course one more reason to visit Tel Aviv, but city, country and people are as well worth a visit all the year round.
GAYSONTOUR features the special offers arranged by the Israeli tour operator HOLIGAYS. The longtime pioneer of gay tourism in Israel serves with roundtrips throughout the year for singles, couples and groups to the country's most attractive sites. [... more]

You don't have enough time to organize your next holiday trip by your own but would appreciate the professional service of gay travel experts? Then feel free to use our service and fill in the Online Form with your questions and wishes. Our partner agency QUEER TRAVEL will arrange a free offer without any obligation! [Travel Request]

You are looking for tour operators and travel companies which are specialised on gay and lesbian travellers? You like to play safe realizing the perfect holiday experience? GAYSONTOUR presents selected gay/gay friendly tour operators and companies which are professional in serving the needs of gay and lesbian travellers. [Travel Companies]

There is a range of Gay Ski Weeks every year for those who like to spend their winter holidays with other gays from across the world and combine winter sports with party fun. Whether in Europe, North America or in the southern hemisphere, GAYSONTOUR presents the most popular ski weeks and events of the current and coming season. [Winter Sports]

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