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Gay Guide__Countries & Cities

On these menu sites you get useful information & tips for selected countries and cities from a gay point of view as well as updated addresses of gay venues like bars, restaurants, hotels, saunas and more.

__What's about the social climate for homosexuals in the country?
__What are the gay hot spots I should not miss?
__Can I move openly gay on the streets or do I have to watch out?
__Are there specific habits or laws to be considered?
__What's specific or typical about the gay scene?
__What are the favorite gay events?
__Where do I get further gay information and tips?

Compact, updated and all for free!
All information as well as addresses of gay venues are available for free. Just print them and carry your personal Gay Guide on travel!

AUSTRIA [Vienna]
In the last few years the conservative country became
more and more open-minded to gays and their lifestyles.
Till this day the capital of Vienna is Austria's
gay showcase ... [more]

The island of Curaçao is considered as one of the most
gay friendly travel destinations in the Caribbean. Gay
travelers as well as locals benefit from the popular
philosophy "Live and Let Live" ... [more]

GERMANY [Berlin] [Cologne] [Hamburg] [Munich]
Germany is a gay friendly, liberal and pretty permissive
country. There is a widespread gay scene in all larger
cities, but the community in Berlin and Hamburg is
overwhelming. Just taste it! ... [more]

The tropical island in the southern Indian Ocean belongs to
France and is a paradise for nature freaks. It's furthermore
considered as a downright gay friendly travel destination,
especially for couples ... [more]

The Dutch spirit of tolerance and acceptance towards gays
has a long tradition in the country. The Netherlands is one
of the most liberal countries in the world and Amsterdam
keeps its image as European gay mecca ... [more]

The only country on the continent where gays are socially
tolerated and one of the few in the world with equal
rights of marriage. Cape Town is the gay epicentre of
the so-called "Rainbow Nation" ... [more]

SPAIN [Barcelona] [Gran Canaria] [Madrid] [Sitges]
Within less than three decades the once ultra
catholic Spain become one of the most liberal and
progressive countries in Europe. The gay scene is
booming not only in Madrid and Barcelona ... [more]

The country is known for being pretty down-to-earth, but
at the same time Switzerland presents itself as liberal,
cosmopolitan and multicultural. Not only bars and clubs in
in Zurich have international standard ... [more]

THAILAND [Bangkok] [Pattaya] [Phuket]
In the predominantly buddhist country people are
cultivating a pretty relaxed exposure to homosexuality
which is fascinating. In Bangkok and the tourist resorts a
vibrant gay scene is booming ... [more]

USA [Fort Lauderdale] [Key West] [Miami] [Palm Springs]
The roots of modern Gay Pride worldwide are in Manhattan.
Almost 40 years later the USA aren't anymore trendsetter of
gay rights and acceptance, but the pretty well developped
gay community is still fascinating ... [more]

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