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Tourist Info__Countries & Cities

On these menu sites you will find general tourist information about selected travel destinations. The information is usefull for all travellers - whether gay or straight. For information about countries and cities from a gay point of view go to [GAY GUIDE].

__What are the regulations for entry?
__What's about special customs, conventions and taboos in the country?
__How much is my currency, what are the prices at hotels and restaurants?
__What's about the climate and the best time for travelling?
__The best way travelling throughout the country?
__What are the highlights of sightseeing I should not miss?
__What's about safety in the country?
__Are there things I should strictly avoid? ... and much more.

Aside from detailed facts and features we serve with many useful links for the perfect planning of your next trip. Just print it and carry your personal travel & city guide in your pocket!

[AUSTRIA] [Vienna]
Austria without wintersports and mountains would be like
Venice without water, but the country has more to offer
than ski resorts or Mozart rum truffles ... [more]

The island in the southern Caribbean is part of the Kingdom
of the Netherlands and well-known as a top destination for
diving and beach holidays all year round ... [more]

[GERMANY] [Berlin] [Hamburg]
Germany is totally different from the stereotypes occurring
in the world. Wether you are in Bavaria or in Berlin first
time visitors are always astonished ... [more]

The tropical island in the Indian Ocean is a nature paradise
and eldorado for outdoor activities. Creole culture and French way
of life turn every holiday into a unique experience ... [more]

[NETHERLANDS] [Amsterdam]
Travellers are fascinated by the typical "laisser-faire",
but Dutch people also cultivate their traditions and
celebrate a deep worship for the Queen ... [more]

The northern part of the small island of St. Martin belongs
to France and is a picture-perfect holiday paradise in the eastern
Caribbean for its gorgeous sandy beaches ... [more]

The southern part of St. Martin island is an independent state within
the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It's considered as Gourmet Capital of
the Caribbean and major stop for cruise liners ... [more]

[Cape Town] [Western Cape] [Garden Route] [Johannesburg]
The multi-ethnic country is a perfect destination for all nature
and outdoor fans. You can do whale watching as well as
photoshootings of wild rhinos ... [more]

[SPAIN] [Barcelona] [Gran Canaria] [Ibiza] [Madrid] [Sitges]
Hot spots like Madrid, Barcelona and Valcencia, plenty
of sunshine and 5.000 kilometres of coasts are
attracting millions of tourists every year ... [more]

Glaciers in the high altitudes and palms in the valleys are
often only a few kilometres away of each other. The country
is both, a paradise for hiking and fans of wintersports ... [more]

[THAILAND] [Bangkok] [Pattaya] [Phuket]
Since many years the "land of smiling" is one of the most
popular destinations in Southeast Asia. Not only for its
fantastic beaches and diving resorts ... [more]

[USA] [Fort Lauderdale] [Key West] [Miami] [Palm Springs]
Travelling to the States means in fact visiting Texas,
Chicago, New York, Florida or California. The country with
the size of a continent has so many different faces ... [more]

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