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[Last Update: June 16, 2013]

On these menu sites travellers will find hotels, guesthouses and other accommodations in selected countries and cities. All addresses listed by GAYSONTOUR are considered to be gay friendly. This means that gay and lesbian guests are welcome and that the staff knows about their lifestyles and needs - in particular if they are travelling as couples.

Some of the listed hotels and guesthouses apply exclusively to homosexual guests, either they are men only, women only or just mixed/gays & lesbians. Users will find a notice at each address with gay only-policy.

All hotels and guesthouses have being checked before they get listed. But in spite of intensive research we can't guarantee for the quality of service and the gay friendliness of all listed venues. Travellers who have made bad experiences should not hesitate to inform us. GAYSONTOUR seeks to list only addresses of accommodations which really earn the label gay friendly!

You want to be listed with your hotel/guesthouse on GAYSONTOUR? Please, send your request to


Currently gay[friendly] hotels, guesthouses and other accommodations are listed for the following Countries and selected Cities:

[AUSTRIA] [Vienna]



[GERMANY] [Berlin] [Cologne] [Dresden] [Frankfurt] [Hamburg] [Leipzig]

[ITALY] [Sicily] [South Tyrol] [Tuscany]


[NETHERLANDS] [Amsterdam]



[SOUTH AFRICA] [Cape Town] [Durban] [Eastern Cape] [Garden Route] [Johannesburg] [Kruger National Park] [Pretoria] [Western Cape]

[SPAIN] [Barcelona] [Gran Canaria] [Ibiza] [Madrid] [Sitges]


[THAILAND] [Bangkok] [Pattaya] [Phuket]

[USA] [Fort Lauderdale] [Key West] [Miami_Beach] [Palm Springs]


The rainbow label at the entrance doesn't change a hotel automatically into a gay friendly accommodation. Lots of venues which call themselves "gayfriendly" often don't know exactly what this means in practice, and even many gay travellers have their problems to define the term.

What really means "gay friendly"?

Gay tourists - especially on city trips - want to know the gay scene of bars and dance clubs, and that is only possible at night. So, breakfast should be served at least till 11 in the morning.
If guests are asking clearly for a gay sauna the staff at the reception should not be embarrassed. Gays like it if the reception is professional - either they know the address at once or where to find it. The perfect option would be if the guest gets a Gay Map, the actual issue of the local magazine and at least a "Have Fun!" when he leaves the hotel.
The sense of well being is rising the more gays are working at the hotel. By the way: Straight guests also appreciate gay staff!
Apropos staff: giggling, leering or even dumb comments indicate that the hotel's direction failed with it's personal policy. The staff should be committed to the acceptance of gay lifestyles - or being trained for it!
Holding hands at the pool and cheek kisses in the lobby should be taken for granted. If not, you are at the wrong hotel!
The final test happens at 4 in the morning if you return to the hotel with another man for a one-night stand (or more) and pass the reception without any questions.
In many cases gays and straights without kids have the same needs. If a hotel's promotion underlines its family-friendly policy or the existence of a big water slide for kids at the pool you should be alarmed. The only exception: gay and lesbian couples with kids!
Wellness and fitness are essential for many gays also on vacation. A well equipped gym on-site for working out is a must - at least within walking distance to the hotel!

The bible in the nightstand is only acceptable if the range of DVDs includes at least one gay feature film (but please not "La Cage aux Folles"!). If there are also porn films in the range gay movies should be included.
Especially design hotels benefit from the cliché that many gays emphasise esthetics - and that's not only a stereotype. Usually the so-called boutique hotels are gay friendly according to our experience.
Hotels which are promoting openly offers for gay couples can be considered to practice a gay friendly policy. Freeloaders usually don't do this for the fear to upset or loose straight guests.
WLAN-access to the internet at least in the lobby should be available to check mails, to make dates on-site and to chat - or to look on GAYSONTOUR on the run!


There are no standard norms of hotel categories which are valid worldwide. A 4 star-hotel in Africa isn't implicitly comparable with a 4 star-location in Asia or Europe, and the comfort of a 3 star-venue in Dubai can keep up with a 4 star-house in New Orleans.
In most countries the usual limit for hotel ratings is 5 stars. But luxury is relative and can still be upgraded depending on money and ideas. Therefore in some countries the category of 6 and 7 stars have being introduced for hotels of superior luxury levels.
But despite all differences and interpretations the 5 star-classification is a useful system for travellers worldwide to check comfort and environment of hotels. First of all the big international operating companies are geared to the more or less consistent rating norms worldwide.

Generally the number of stars implicates the range of services and equipment - the higher the more comfortable. But that does not mean that the quality of service at a ** 2 stars-hotel is worse than at a **** 4 stars-house - it's only less extensive. While in the first one breakfast is only available downstairs in the dining room, guests of 4 star-hotels have the option for breakfast in bed.

* 1 Star Tourist Class low level, for basic needs

** 2 Stars Standard medium level with mainstream range of service

*** 3 Stars Comfort upscale level with mainstream range of service

**** 4 Stars First Class high level with wide range of services

***** 5 Stars Luxury superior level for extravagant needs

An overview of hotel classifications in 25 European countries is available in different languages on the website of [Hotelstars]

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