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On these sites you will find many useful information & tips around travelling, amongst others security and health issues, a worldwide survey of gay friendly countries and final answers to such essential questions like: "What to pack into my bag?".

We check most of the countries worldwide for their gay friendly climate. The colours GREEN, YELLOW and RED signalize which destinations are highly attractive, more or less okay or no go-areas for gays and lesbians ... [more]

We check the general security situation for many countries worldwide, give useful tips for behaviour on travel and serve with safety ratings for favorite gay destinations ... [more]

It's always the same: arriving at the hotel you realize that you have forgotten the charger for the razor or other equipment. You can avoid this by printing our detailed check list for the perfect planning of your next trip! ... [more]

We serve with detailed information about typical health risks on travel, protection by vaccination and the fitting first-aid kit. Furthermore we describe the common risks of gay sex and give tips for travellers with HIV & Aids ... [more]

It's raining men ... that would be great! But we can only serve with forecast links for many favorite gay destinations as well as our temperature calculator for °Celsius<>°Fahrenheit ... [more]

Travellers can calculate the exchange rates of popular currencies with our currency converter and print their personal table of changing rates for their journey ... [to calculator]

The complete gay and hotel guide of GAYSONTOUR is also available on your mobile phone. Have a look on our "virtual" mobile to check how the search is working in practice and which details of locations are displayed ... [to demonstration]

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